Digital-to-Analog Conversion Expertise

We have leading expertise in designing DACs:

High Precision Current Steering ΣΔ DACs 16 -18bit 96-192kS/s

  • Comprising Dynamic Element Matching Techniques
    With fully integrated Post-Filter & Headphone Driver

High Speed Current Steering DACs 12, 14bit 800MS/s 

  • Comprising Background Calibration Techniques

Current Steering DACs

Switched current digital-to-analog converter (DAC) designs have become the architecture of choice for submicron CMOS technologies. Current steering DACs are able to operate at very low power supply voltages (<1V) and benefit from the switching speed of submicron gate length MOS transistors while making use of a standard CMOS process. The high sample rate of current steering DACs enables the design of oversampled DACs where linearity is traded over bandwidth (e.g. Audio DACs) with dynamic element matching (DEM) techniques.

Segmented current steering DACs in combination with background calibration are the basis for our 14bit 800MS/s Nyquist rate DAC designs.

High Speed 14bit 800 MS/S Current Steering DAC

Key Features:

  • Supply Voltage 1.8V
  • Current output adjustable 8mA to 32mA
    RL = 25Ω – 50Ω
  • DNL ±1LSB
  • INL ± 2LSB
  • SFDR > 60dB@fs =100MHz
  • Clock Frequency 800MHz
    Standard 180nm CMOS