Digital Signal Processing Expertise

We have leading expertise in multirate digital signal processing:

Low power multirate digital filters are a essential building block of oversampled ADCs like ΣΔ-Modulators. The digital Filter removes the out of band quantization noise and performs a sample rate reduction (decimation) to minimizes the data rate for subsequent signal processing stages.

We have special know-how in designing wave digital filters (WDF). Wave digital filters are less prone to limit cycles and consume less power than conventional filter structures.

Decimation Filter Architecture for ΣΔ ADC
Decimation Filter
  • IIR Allpass realization:
  • Wave digital filter structures modelling analog LC filters
  • Inherit low sensitivity to component / coefficient variations
    Coefficients can be rounded to smaller word lengths reducing multiplier power and area consumption.
  • Less prone to limit cycles


Design for Test – Build In Self Test (BIST)


BIST Realisation