Analog Alchemy offers a range of services covering a broad spectrum of the silicon world.


The key services are described in the Product Definition, Analog Design, Mixed Signal Design and Turnkey Solutions sections below. At Analog Alchemy we draw on a team with experience in all facets of silicon development, experience that has been learned through many successful projects and high performance designs.

The foundations on which the team is built are products such as standalone ADCs, Audio, Imaging, MEMS Signal Conditioner, Telekom and high speed (10Gbit/s) SERDES ASICs. Analog Alchemy’s knowledge of a broad range of markets, its flexible, customer driven service and ability to deliver on the most difficult challenges will lead to the success of your next project.



Defining a successful product requires in-depth knowledge of a range of fields: marketing, systems, circuit design and manufacturing, to list just a few. There are many variables and many trade-offs and there is no “right answer”. At Analog Alchemy we leverage our experience in all aspects of the semiconductor industry to define a product which will excel in performance and power, while taking into consideration factors such as yield and manufacturability.Most importantly, a new product cannot be defined in isolation. Customer driven input at every stage of the process ensures that the product defined is the product that the customer and the market need. Analog Alchemy is aware that project requirements can and will change on a day by day basis and so we are flexible and can change course as required to meet project goals.

Success in such a range of markets comes from breakthrough products which disrupt the current status quo. It is said that man didn’t reach the moon by designing a more advanced propellor. Analog Alchemy looks at the semiconductor market with a view to finding opportunities where a quantum leap in thinking can re-define a market segment.

We have a record of designs with market penetration in:

Analog Alchemy will take your idea and turn it into a market leading product, challenging current thinking and offering customers forward looking products which will be relevant at the time the product reaches the market.We can offer product definition as a stand alone service, with consulting throughout the life-cycle of the project or as part of a larger project solution. Contact us to discuss how your next product can be a success.

Analog design is an art form and Analog Alchemy considers itself a master of this art. Our highly talented group of world class analog designers at Analog Alchemy perform more than just implementation. Experience and lessons learned through many years of design will add value to your project and ensure that it is successful, reliable, and most importantly manufacturable.The Analog Alchemy design flow uses industry standard IC tools and our flexibility means that we can adapt as required to customer flows and tools.

Our record of complex analog designs stands as proof of what the team is capable of. We have extensive experience in:

  • High-resolution analog-to-digital conversion (ADC)
  • High-precision digital-to-analog converter (DAC)
  • Fractional Phase Lock Loops (PLLs)
  • Multi-path Programmable Gain Amplifiers
  • Signal Processing for MEMS Transducer
    • programmable Charge Pumps 1.5V – 25V (in standard CMOS!)
    • high Impedance Biasing techniques R >> 100 x109 Ohm
  • Low-Power Crystal oscillators

There is no design too challenging for Analog Alchemy.

Analog circuits are rarely stand alone in today’s world of complex systems on a chip. Mixed signal and digital circuits are critial to the functionality of many analog products and Analog Alchemy offers expertise in the design and implementation of these complex circuits.Our experience in decimation filters for oversampling ADCs and interpolation filters for oversampling DACs includes architectures like multi rate digital filters and wave digital filters.

From design and simulation with Matlab to implementation with industry standard tools, Analog Alchemy provides world class knowledge of power and area efficient systems. This means that your entire system, both analog and digital, can be designed under one roof by Analog Alchemy.

Analog Alchemy has, over many years in the industry, gained unparalleled knowledge and experience of the entire silicon development flow, from definition to productization and every step in between. This type of knowledge is not learned overnight. It takes many project lifecycles to fully understand how all the stages of a mixed signal project come together to production silicon.Equally as important as knowledge are relationships. Analog Alchemy has strong sub-contracting relationships with vendors in many varied fields. We work with people who we know and trust. People who are reliable and who will add value to your project.

Analog Alchemy can ease the pressure on the long road from an idea to production silicon by taking on an entire turnkey solution, or a critical part of the flow.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Product definition
  • Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal Design
  • Layout, Place and Route
  • Silicon evaluation and bench testing
  • Technology and Packaging
  • Test and Characterization
  • Yield Analysis